Wednesday, February 23, 2005

How's your Karma?

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that i am addicted toCBC Overnight, public radio of the highest quality from around the world. The things an insomniac can learn in a sleepless stupor is truly amazing!

Last night i heard about Karma Kabs(you must go to their website) for the first time. This London based cab company has taken old Ambassadors and refurbished them in funky style. Their fleet includes the "Ab Fab Kab", "Monsoon Wedding" and my personal fav the "Bollywood car". Now if i knew how to post pictures on my blog, i would, but instead i will just refer you here. Pretty funky stuff from a company that believes the journey is more important than the destination - something we should all keep in mind!

But it seems that Karma Kabs is running into a little bit of hot water with the London Public Carriage Office. According to Indian Express (i know i should have found a London source!)
The London Public Carriage Office is sitting to decide if these vehicles should be steered off course for a dozen reasons from inflammable inner material to mosaic ceilings.

‘‘They’re trying to wrap bureaucratic tape around true art,’’ complains [owner and kabbie] Tobias Moss, ‘‘they don’t have a heart, these people, so they don’t really understand what we are about.’’

I would love to ride in one of these bad boys, but London isn't in my playing cards at the moment, and i am sure that Mom and the ant won't be up for the 50 quid/hr rate the next time they are in London.


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