Friday, February 18, 2005

Desi Wedding Part 2

So i left you begging for more just as the post-marriage games were to begin. Ah what fun. In more traditional arranged marriages these games are meant to give the happy couple a first chance at flirtation. A bucket filled with coloured water used as a battle ground to find each other's wedding rings. And oh my god, the chills sent up your spine as he brushes your hand for the first time!! I can hardly contain myself. Then on to a game of feeding one another. The sensual closeness of the mouth... It was great fun, 40 of us crammed into the living room, screaming and cheering on as the couple go through their rights of initiation. NO more dignified courtly behaviour as everyone cheers for the bride and groom.

And then of course, time to eat more food. Heavenly, all of it. Two helpings left me feeling a little full. And finally after two days of wedding fun, i left the party early (at midnight) to go to my downtown headquarters to get some much needed sleep.

Then Saturday afternoon back at the bridal house to get ready for the reception. When we arrived the house was amazingly quiet. Spooky almost. But things livened up as the girls castigated my mom for not wearing a sari to the big event. Henna was applied, pictures were shown and the house slowly got louder and louder, until it was time to go to the parlour! Here of course, there was not time to do everything to everyone, so i went back to the house and was wrapped up tight in my new black and turquoise sari. Bangles on, i was ready to set the night on fire, and good thing because someone had to get to the hall to greet the guests! So here i am the one all white bread guest spread with chutney (the sari) greeting the guests! Well stranger things have happened... Of course all of the thorough bred Canadians showed up exactly on time, and later the Indian guests arrived.

The rest of the night is really just a blur of bhangra dancers (professionals!), great food, even better company and hindi dance tunes. Yes hindi music. I think the girls were hoping for more Tamil fare, but at least i got to demonstrate how 8 years of PhD study has made me more than proficient with the lyrics to your standard hindi film song selections. After reams of photos, we were among the last to leave.

Now over a week after this whole affair began, I am back in Van, my henna has turned orange and i can't wait for daughter number three to get married. Unfortunately, she assures me that is still years away.


Blogger BridalBeer said...

Was this a Gujrati wedding?

4:10 AM  
Blogger PhDiva said...

no, tamil.

10:26 PM  
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