Tuesday, January 04, 2005

murmurings under ground

Attention Vancouverites, Torontonians and Montrealers - there is a new way for you to experience your city's local history. Murmurs is a way for you to connect with the oral history of regular people in your city via a cell phone. At various locations in your city a green ear on a telephone pole will provide you with a phone number to call that will provide you with the history of that location. But the really special part about this is that it gives the history of the experiences of regular people, like you and me, not the big wigs who think they are the ones making history all of the time. A truly democratizing process. Of course, this democratization of history is curtailed a little bit by the fact that you need a phone....

At the moment this pilot project is limited in scope. In Montreal the recordings are in French and located mostly along Boulevard Saint Laurent. In Vancouver the focus in on Chinatown, who's history i have always found fascinating. And in Toronto, where the project originated, there are a number of sites both in the Annex, along Bloor st and in the Kensington Market area. I am counting on the Ant and Scarbie to tell me about this project in Toronto. And I can't wait to borrow someone phone and check it out in Vancouver.


Blogger scarbie doll said...

well, considering that I also don't have a smell phone, we may be out of luck there. But next time I'm in Kensington with the Dog, I will try it out.

7:58 AM  
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