Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Fair is foul...

Macbeth seems to be a popular movie theme of late. Not that i am complaining, it is one of those universally intriguing stories. Recently,Macbeth became the first sami (nordic language) language feature length film. And it sounds amazing. Filmed entirely at the Icehotel in northern Sweden, this version of Macbeth promises to be visually stunning. Though i guess since i am reliant on english subtitles, the fact that it was filmed in sami instead of some other language, like Swedish, will be lost on me.

And in the same vein, Bollywood produced its own Macbeth, um er, I mean Maqbool. Though i have not yet seen it, it is on my list of Bollywood must sees. It is set in the bombay underworld and since my current love affair with Bombay is still going strong, maybe i will venture up to the Punjabi market this weekend to see if i can get it...


Blogger chlgeorge said...

Never heard of Sami. Must google it.

3:37 AM  

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