Saturday, January 01, 2005

Claire's Head

Well, the new year has come and gone and that means it is time for my vacation to end. That's right, any day now i am going to get back to work on the dreaded diss. But before i could reasonably move on the these bigger and better things, i had to finish up some Christmas reading. Just moments ago i put down CanLit chick Catherine Bush's latest novel, Claire's Head. Like her previous novel, THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, Claire's Head also delves into the psychological. Set largely in Toronto and New York, but taking us to a number of other interesting locales, Clair's Head chronicles the journey (both inner and outer) of Claire, a migraine sufferer, as she searches for her missing sister Rachel, also a migraine sufferer. It is hardly surprising then that pain is a central theme of the novel, though it is not only about the pain brought on by a migraine. The novel also looks at the struggle to try to live a normal life in the shadow of ever looming pain. I found the novel quite captivating; there is enough journeying to move the story forward instead of getting bogged down. It is also fascinating to get a brief look at all sorts of different kinds of alternative therapies for chronic pain. Bush also skillfully works in a complex relationship between Claire and her two very different sisters. It all works together quite seamlessly.


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