Thursday, January 06, 2005

Chaos reigns in Raincity

One of the things i love about Vancouver is that it very rarely gets cold enough to snow here. Today it snowed. One day of snow every once in a while isn't so bad, but most Vancouverites loose their heads in snow. All driving skills seem to fly out the window and even public transportation seems to run at almost a standstill. All for a mere 5 cm of snow which fell over the course of about 7 hours. Any other city in Canada could have handled this without blinking, but not us. i actually had to consult the internet to see if the university would be open. It was.

The unfortunate thing is, i have become a Vancouverite myself. I can barely function with this much snow, not to mention the just below zero temperatures. I have some photocopying to do, but i can't help but think that it could wait until later in the week when the snow has melted. Would hate to get lost in a minor snow flurry between here and the photocopy shop three blocks away.

And i have lost my ability to walk in ice and snow. Today i was commenting on all the fashionistas slipping and sliding around in their pointy toed, high heeled boots, explaining to my friend from Ed that people like us, from snowy areas, know enough about winter to wear practical footwear, like hiking boots, in the snow, when i slipped and fell. Eight years ago when i was fresh off the plane from Toronto that never would have happened.

On the plus side, however, i was glad to hear that some local high school students were handing out blankets and coats to homeless people in Vancouver. As Canadians we have given so much to Tsunami victims that sometimes i worry that the homeless and hungry in our backyards were going to suffer. So now that you have made your (sizable) donation to the Red Cross or oxfam, give the change in your pocket to the guy you see near your bus stop every morning.


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