Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Canadian fades away...

A little bit of Canadiana has passed away today with the death of Pierre Burton. Popular historian extraordinaire and prolific man of letters will be sadly missed by my family. Brother Blueberry has been a fan of Burton's since the tender age of six, when he realized that Pierre came on Global television at 6:30am, right before Hammy Hamster. Mama and Papa Bear's bookshelves are lined with Burton's accounts of Canadian history, though i don't know if they ever read them. My perspnal favorite of his books is Cats I have Known and Loved. Perhaps not his most enlilghtened work, but man, did Pierre ever love cats!!

More recently, in October Pierre made a television appearance giving instructions on how to roll a proper joint. According to the article in the Vancouver Sun, he suggests that
his book The National Dream as an excellent ''rolling surface'' and warning about the perils of a loose joint. He said a less-than-firmly rolled spliff could leave unsightly toke burns on one's bow tie.


Blogger Amardeep said...

Ph.Diva -- Welcome back! And yes, I am a serious geek.

Actually, you came into my line of sight today because of the comment you posted on my Amitav Ghosh entry a few months ago. That post is being discussed on the brand new "Postcolonial studies" blog (at postcolonial.blogspot.com).

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