Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Whew! I just read through the Vancouver International Film Festival's sneak preview guide, and it looks like another good year for film! I have already come up with a few must sees including a movie about a family temporarily living at Bamiyan, a short film on Edward Said and The Motorcycle diaries. Subcontinental fare includes another Tagore favChokher Bali, and Final Solution, dealing with the Godhra riots in Gujarat. And of special note to bloggers, VIFF will be screening Baghdad Blogger/ Salem Pax - Video Reports for Iraq.
I start volunteering for the festival on Tuesday, so be prepared for much movie talk in the weeks to come.

Meanwhile, right here at home i feel like i am in the middle of a monsoon. The sky suddenly turned quite dark, there was thunder (we never get thunder) and the heavens opens up and down came the rain. Makes me nostalgic for India, but then everything does.


Blogger scarbie doll said...

FYI - Alliance is releasing Motorcycle Diaries across Canada Oct. 1st -- so if it's a choice between that and something small that you may never see, go for the smally. Let me know your picks and I'll tell you which ones we're releasing and when to help you decide.

10:44 AM  

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