Sunday, September 19, 2004

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I used to think fall was among the worst seasons. Days get shorter, weather gets cooler, winter can't be far off. But when i really think about it. there are so many things about fall that i really like. As Amardeep so insightfully pointed out, September is like spring for geeks, nerds and other scholarly types. You get new note books and highlighters, even if you aren't starting a new project you go back to the old one with renewed vigour. It feels great. I even kind of like the excited buzz of first year students in the library (as long as they aren't sitting to close to me!).

But better than the new year of school is the fall book season. This is when all of the best books are published. The Christmas rush is fun too, but there is nothing like fall book releases. I went to two bookstores today and was floored at the number of new and exciting book titles. I even made off with two new books (er uhm, i mean graphic novels) - PERSEPOLIS II by Marjane Satrapi and IN THE SHADOW OF NO TOWERS by Art Spiegelman. There are tons of others i want to buy, but patience is a virtue and i will have to wait until most of them come out in paper back.

Also on the book front, I have finished reading THE WAY THE CROW FLIES by Ann Marie MacDonald. As i have already hinted at, it was great. Perhaps 200 pages too long, but the prose and imagery were astounding. Now i have moved onto Vernon God Little. I just started it so i don't have much to comment about yet. I'll keep you posted.


Blogger Cecilia said...

Funny that I recently wrote my thoughts about the fall season. I have the same sentiments as you. ;-) Ciao.

6:39 AM  
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