Thursday, September 09, 2004

Bumber Books

At Bumbershoot there was a really neat area for geeks and nerds. It was called Ink Spot, and basically it was just a big book fair with all sorts of Indie book publishers. I came across one press, Evil Twin Publications, that i really liked. Originally most of the books were written by one twin and illustrated by the other. Cool. After some speed reading in unlikely places (the Pixies weren't actually on stage yet!!!) I finished ON THE NAIVE BUT HONORABLE SELF-DETERMINATION OF TEENAGE GIRLS by Amber Gayle, one of the evil twins. Good in a campy sort of way, especially if you are into teenaged angst. I also boughtNotta Lotta Love Stories, also by Amber Gayle but won't get to reading it for a while. My current read is The Way the Crow Flies by Ann-Marie Mac Donald. I am only about 20 pages into it but i can already say it is very good and appears to be quite different from her last novel. I should be reading it for quite some time as it is a veritable tome - almost 900 pages!!


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