Thursday, September 09, 2004

All things Bumber

Well, i've been so busy lately that i haven't had time to blog and i don't even know where to start. Well that's not true - i am going to start with Bumbershoot, which was amazing. Now i am sure that most people who went are still raving about the Pixies' show, but i am going to focus on some of the less pedestrian events that went on.

One of the highlights was of course the mini film festival they had going on there. I went to the South Asia Series, but the films, aside from Mehreen Jabbar's BEAUTY PARLOR, were a bit of a let down.

On the final night we also went to 'The Best of the Fest' and saw some great shorts. Among my favorites were Rent-a-Person and Pol Pot's Birthday. The first is a quirky musical about finding love, business acumen and a men's washroom. Though not all reviewers liked it, i though it was a moving and simply hilarious 12 minutes of fun. The second film was also brilliantly funny. You walk a fine line when you make a film about one of the 20th centuries most brutal leaders, and yet the film maker pulls it off brilliantly. Not to mention that the cinematography was of the highest standard.

Whew, i am about Bumbered out, but one last thing to mention. I took a short book binding workshop at the 'Shoot. And while i may not be binding my own dissertation (if it ever gets written) i am sure that friends and family members can expect some well bound Christmas gifts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

we are enjoying our first edition book binding by PhDiva, and look forward to the next installment. yes, we are still raving about the pixies--i'm still sitting there waiting on the cement floor...i almost died when i heard the first word of that song. sigh.

anyways, i must agree Rent-a-person was one of the better flicks, with an unexpected appearance by someone i never knew existed much less was famous. anyone for juicy lips? yes, there's one out there with the Y chromosome.

and i just finished oryx and crake. while i knew what was going to happen throughout the entire last third of the book, i could not put it down and actually sacrificed sleep (something i NEVER sacrifice for ANYTHING). maybe my genes were temporarily spliced with yours?


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