Sunday, August 22, 2004

Vancouver Full of Rain

Yesterday it poured!! I can't think of a better day to go see a movie, so we went to see Maria Full Of Grace. Now i know that others have complained that it is a little bit slow in places, but i really liked it. And Metacritic gave it an 85. Pretty good. It is about a Columbian girl who decides to become a drug mule. It gives an inside view of why people do it and what they have to go through. I know that it was probably really tamed down for the likes of the masses, but i still found it fascinating. Besides, the woman who plays Maria is wonderful. She carries the whole movie.

For dinner i made a beef and mushroom stew for Martha's Everyday Food issue 15 (the latest!!). I mention this only because i know that many of my readers are also subscribers to Everyday Food. The stew was really good, but i think the fresh rosemary is a must. Also we found it a little on the winey side, but perhaps that is because we used cheap wine! Anyways i think you could go with less wine than she recommends.


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