Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Still above average

While sitting here pondering my academic plight i came across a few fascinating/ startling articles on the Dead Thesis Society's research page. In particular, Frank Elgar's research focuses on the plight of graduate students in Canada. Here are a few decontextualized facts from an article he published in Dalhousie News:
... fewer than half of PhD students in Canada in the arts and social sciences will complete their programs. Most who do finish will require seven to nine years of postgraduate study.

... Canadian universities are less likely to offer thesis support services to students and supervision guidance to professors compared to their counterparts in the United States and Britain.

And from the January issue of UBC'sThe Graduate Elgar reports that
Most students take much longer than expected and many walk away after more than four years. Only 10% finish within the prescribed number of years, and the completion rate itself is steady at 50%.

And just as an addendum to all of this, he also points out that the average time for a Humanities PhD is hover at somewhere around 11 years. God help us all!!


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