Wednesday, August 25, 2004

More Can(adian) Con(tent)

I just recently finished reading The Navigator of New York by Wayne Johnston. Now if you remember way back when, i did a brief review of Johnston's COLONY OF UNREQUITED DREAMS, and didn't really like it that much, though i did think it was pretty important in terms of CanLit.

Well i liked NAVIGATOR much better. If nothing else the topic is more interesting - quest for the north pole, turn of the century New York, dawning of a new age.... But having read COLONY so recently, i could anticipate many of the twists and turns that the story was going to take. The same is true for a lot of authors, John Irving comes to mind. Ultimately i would recommend this book to people sooner than i would recommend COLONY. But i have also decided that i am done with Wayne Johnston, at least for now. There was a time when i though i wanted to read THE DIVINE RYANS, but that time has past.

Right now i am reading the much anticipated final chapter in the adventures of Thursday Next, Something Rotten, by Jasper Ffordewho has a truly wonderful website. God only knows what crazy antics Thurs will get herself into as the head of Jurisfiction, but i have heard that, among other things, she has to get Hamlet to go to his anger management classes. I'll let you know what i think of the book when i am finished.


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