Sunday, August 08, 2004

House Hunting Malaise

Whew, i never knew that house hunting could be so exhausting!! The Brain and i walked all over the city today (well maybe not all over), going from open house to open house. But it wouldn't have been so tiring if the places hadn't been so lack lustre. We did not see one place we liked. And i am amazed at how poorly some suites are designed! Anyway, instead of being frustrated, i have decided that the people with good condos never have open houses because they don't need to. On Wednesday we are going out whith our agent and i am hopeful about what we will see then.

There has got to be a condo out there for us considering how many have been built in the past 30 years. I know this is not the area we are looking at, but check out !these pictures of how the False Creek area has changed since 1978. Incredible. Now i understand why Douglas Coupland has dubbed us the Glass City.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We in Ontario have a name other than the "Glass City"!!

7:40 AM  

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