Friday, August 13, 2004

Down Town Dan Brown

Right now i am reading ANGELS AND DEMONS by Dan Brown. It is not as good as THE DA VINCI CODE, but i sort of suspected that going into it. The thing is, i believe i was destined to read it. Earlier this week i had talked to Papa Inlaw about it, and then when i went to the library yesterday it was just sitting there on the FAST READS shelf. Now i know that not everybody sees the FAST READS shelf as a taunt, but i do. Yeah, like i couldn't read that book in under a week!! So i had to get it. Basically, reading it is like watching TV, and not particularly good TV at that. It just seems like it was not as well researched as DA VINCI.

My favorite (mis)quote in it sofar is when the protagonist, Robert Langdon, a reputed Harvard academic quips in the all knowing voice that all Harvard academics have:
[Shaitan]... It's Islamic. It means 'adversary' .... The church chose Islam for the name because it was a language they considered dirty.

Hey, hold on here, it sounds to me like he is trying to pass Islam off as a language. Not only that, it is a language that all god fearing, that is Christian god fearing people consider dirty. Well, i got some news for him. Shaitan is, in fact, an Arabic word, but also exists virtually unchanged in Hindu and Urdu and god only knows how many other languages. So much for crossing his 'i's and dotting his 't's. The part that scares me is how many Americans now believe that Islam is more than just a religion... it is a religion with its own language!!!

But i don't want to slag the guy too much. His website is a really good accompaniment to his books and reveal many of the so-called secrets found in his novels. Who knows, i may even read one of his other novels. I mean, everyone loves o good conspiracy theory filled novel once in a while.


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