Friday, August 27, 2004

Birthday Blues

I am pretty sure my birthday bash is going to be a bust. It has rained for a week. I don't think it is going to clear and i have planned a lovely outdoor BBQ at the beach. When people ask about what we will do if it rains, i reply in an upbeat manner that it doesn't matter, we'll just have it at my place. Ha ha hmm.
This idea sort of sucks because a) the layout of our apartment isn't really conducive to that nice party flow of music, wine and conversation. b)if we still want to BBQ we have to walk outside, through the alley and into the backyard. In the rain. and c) i have told our friends to bring their babies and our apartment is totally not baby proofed. It is all fun and games until the teetering tower of books comes crashing down on an unsuspecting 11 month old!
But it is not just the party that gets me down. I will be 32 and i still don't have a PhD. I asked my mom and she said that she doesn't get a sharp pain in her heart on her birthday because she is sixty something and doesn't have a PhD. But she never really wanted one to begin with. It like my birthday, rather than the starting of a new school year, symbolizes that i am starting yet another year of doing the same thing.
But never fear i will make it through the day just so long as someone remembers to bring the cherry chip cake. There is nothing that a high dosage of sugar can't cure.


Blogger scarbie doll said...

Happy Birthday! We hope it's not raining. Miss you loads and hope that 32 rocks for you - this is the year baby! You will do it!

scarbie and doggy

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheer up 32 year old! Keep your chin up and you'll have your 33rd as a woman free of PhD woes. K, myself, and The Associates, H & R, are pulling for you. As your late Thesis buddy I have total confidence.

Happy Birthday!

[My Nickname Here]

9:41 AM  

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