Monday, August 02, 2004

Ahhh and Ugh

Ahh, this weekend was fabulous. We went out to a cottage on Bowen Island - close enough to the city that you it only takes about an hour to get there, and yet so so far away. And we did nothing all weekend other relax, eat alot, swim a little. And considering the combined brain power of those in attendance, conversation was surprisingly absent of dissertation talk, though UXOs did pop up now and again. But you, they da' bomb.

Now comes the ugh part of the weekend. Our change rooms at hockey were broken into during practice. I didn't loose anything that can't be replaced, so i should be thankful. And yet, now i've had to go through and cancel my credit and bank cards and i will have to get a new student card, library card, health card... Just undue stress in my life.

The up side of my weekend is that since i didn't look at it for two days it seems like it has grown a ton. Got some tomatoes and cucumbers for dinner. Harvested one hot pepper. And at long last the beans are starting to flourish. And of course the broccoli is still doing its thing. Anyways, i think we will be eating well for the month of August.


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