Wednesday, August 04, 2004

3 day dissertation

I think i've come up with the dates for the 3 day dissertation contest - Aug 16, 17, 18. Now i know that these dates don't work for everyone, but i don't care because they work for me. You can do the contest whenever you want during August, as long as it is only three days. Actually if you get on a roll you can go for more than three days. After all the true reward of this whole endeavor is getting the damn thing done! Besides, there is no prize for this contest. The idea is more to get us writing while overcoming the loneliness that dissertation writing entails. To promote a kind of 'you are not in this alone' ethos. So let me know when you plan to embark on this journey and i will be sure to send you some encouraging emails.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool :) I'll have to wait to a few days until I've prepared some ground and then I'll set off :) claire

5:07 AM  
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