Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Sometimes i think we have a truly great landlord. Not only is he around a fair bit, but never in you face, he's a pleasant guy and he responds quickly to phone calls. Today we called about the tap in the kitchen and he showed up at our door step about half an hour later. Not only that, and this is part that is truly impressive, he worked quickly and diligently inspite of the fact that Otis the Cat stood/ sat/ spralled out between his legs the whole time. And when Otis wasn't doing that, he was trying to get under the sink with Mr. G. Good God that man has patients. I tried to lure Otis away, but Mr. G just said (in his greek accent) "No problem, he's a good cat". Well, thank god for that, because i forgot to ask mr G's permission before we got the cat.


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