Tuesday, July 20, 2004

My Own Private Police State?

I know that my mom believes i live in a 'safe' neighbourhood, and that brings her great comfort. But i have to ask myself, what is it about my neighbourhood that makes it safe? Well, that obvious, it's the police presence. Seriously. About three time a week, between midnight and two, there will be at least one police car with its lights flashing within a block of our apartment. Guarenteed. Monday night there were two police cars and an unmarked police van in the alley outside our bedroom window (the brain slept through it all) plus a car across the street and one at the corner. Last night was a quiet night. Just one unmarked police car, lights flashing, across the street. So is our neighbourhood safe because of all the police? Or is it heading down hill? Or do we get increased police protection because it is an upwardly mobile WASPy nieghbourhood? On the other hadn, don't answer that.


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