Thursday, July 15, 2004

How does your garden grow?

Well, to be perfectly honest, it is growing very well.  A little bit too well, if you know what i mean!  I don't know how this has happened, but somehow the garden has exploded into something that is more than i can handle.  The squash is taking over everything, including my now dead broccoli seedlings, and one of my tomatoes is growing massively.  I have five foot stakes holding it up, but if it grows at all tonight then those stakes will be too short.  I don't know what is going on.  As for quantity, get out of here.  My one roma tomato plant has thirty tomatoes and counting on it!  And tomorrow i will be giving away broccoli.  Speaking of which, don't be afraid to call if you would like some fresh produce.

And on a completely unrelated note, blogger has just updated and now you can very easily change your fonts, so over the next few days i will playing with fonts.  Oh how exciting!  Until then, it is time to get back to the grind.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand the squash issue - our spaghetti squash has taken over our entire back garden - our little hot pepper plants are no longer getting any sunlight. What type of tomatoes did you plant? - out ultra boy and girl are growing like crazy - but jetstar plants still look tiny. W

10:43 AM  
Blogger PhDiva said...

I've got a couple of kinds of tomatoe - roma, first lady, sweet million. But the one that is doing the best i got for 50 cents because the store wasn't sure what kind of tomatoe it was. I wish i knew because it is doing extra well.

12:09 PM  
Blogger PhDiva said...

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12:09 PM  

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