Saturday, June 26, 2004

You know that Special K commercial on TV nowdays, advertising a free pedometer? Well, it worked. Because of their free give away (valued at $15!!) i went out and bought Special K (the cereal, not the pharmecutical). I did it mostly because i remember that in the documentary Super Size Me, Morgan said that the average American walks a paltry amount. I thought he said 2000 steps a day, but my research shows it to be more like 5310 steps a day. So i wanted to see how much i tend to walk a day. Since we don't have a car or anything i think i may walk more than the average. On the other hand, we live in such a convienient location that everything we need (including the beach - 800 steps)is close at hand. Yesterday was day 1. 8556 steps, but as a qualifier, i would like to say that i bought the pedometer after i had already done most of my walking for the day.

And i also found out through Special K's web site that i could log and donate my steps to research with Canada on the Move, so i have. In their study they are trying to a)see how much Canadaians move; and b) assertatian whether or not things like pedometers help motivate people to walk more. They are encouraging people to try to walk an additional 2000 steps/day after they figure out what their average is. To me this seems like a good idea since the dissertation tends to weigh me down. Quite literally. If i don't finish soon most of you won't even recognize me.

So i encourage those of you out there with pedometers to take on this challenge as well. And those of you without, just try to walk more - an extra 20 minutes a day. And of course all of my super fit, slightly insane friends who find running up mountains fun, you are exempt.

Oh, and as a footnote, Morgan Spurlock, the guy who made Super Size Me, has a blog too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

T, since you're into Special K -- and although you claim you mean the cereal -- you could call your blog "The K-Hole".

And go easy on the tranks huh?


3:43 PM  
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