Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The thing i love about ignoring my garden for a couple of days is that when i go back out there so much has changed, and talk about exciting change. First, my broccolis are actually starting to produce flowerets!! This is very cool. Second, i have about 15 tomatoes starting to appear on my various tomato plants. But wait there's more...my mystery tomatoe is huge. Like four feet tall, or up to nearly my shoulder. Wow. And the mystery tree out front has dropped some fruit, prematurely i'd say, but still i can cut it open and hopefully determine what it is. Now I think it is peach, but at first i thought it was plum. And finally, the mystery peas that are left over from when Gus was here (RIP) are almost ready to go. They had pretty pink flowers and now the little pods are a little purple, though as they mature i think the colour goes away.

And just a final reminder, my "Name my blog" contest ends Thurday, so get your entry in ASAP. So far not that many of you have come up with anything ie/ only Kris has stepped up, so get busy.


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