Friday, June 25, 2004

Monday and election day here in the Great White North. According to the media, there is a fair bit of voter apathy among people of our age group, that is the younger generation. I say it is time to prove the media wrong. Voting is our (not just our generation's, but everyone's)chance to make a difference. And yes, you vote does make a difference. I think that sometimes in a fairly peaceful country like Canada we take voting for granted. It's our right blah blah blah, but some people are just too lazy to exercise their right. Think about people all the people in other countries where democracy is not taken for granted. They often have to risk their safety just to cast their ballot, and yet they still do it proudly.

So now that i have asked you to vote, i am going to ask that you make an informed decision. I know what you're thinking, you don't have time for that. Well, quite frankly, if you have the time to read this, then you have time! The Elections Canada website is a good resource to find out who is running in your riding. And if you are still having problems deciding, here's a little survey to help you figure out where you sit on the issues.

And if after that, you still think that there are viable voting options, remember a spoiled ballot makes a far greater statement than not showing up at all. So get out there and vote!


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