Thursday, June 17, 2004

I am a book snob. Everyone knows that by now. And let me tell you, being a book snob isn't always a good thing. Because i tend to think my taste is better than that of middle America i almost missed the hidden gem that is THE LOVELY BONES by Alice Sebold. Since it was apparently such a huge seller in the US i assumed it had been recommended by Oprah and would be full of the kind of shlock she seems to love. YOu know, just another DEEP END OF THE OCEAN or MAP OF THE WORLD. All about the suffering parents go through with the loss of a child.

Instead, THE LOVELY BONES really draws you in through the voice of the narrator, a fourteen year old girl who was murdered. The narrative rolls along as she looks into the lives of her family, friends and murderer. In many ways it reminded me of WE WERE THE MULVANEYS by Joyce Carol Oates (a book that was an Oprah selection and yet i like it!). Anyways, i recommend it highly as some good summer reading. I can picture you now, sitting by a lake/ ocean somewhere, totally engrossed in this book. Just remember to apply the sun screen!


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