Wednesday, June 30, 2004

How do blogs become popular, i mean really popular? How do i get good buzz going around my blog? Since i have started my readership has gone down - not a good sign. I know that my mom for one and my partner in crime for another no longer read as faithfully as they once did, if they read it at all. Likewise a bunch of my friends on mat leave are no longer bored at the office and they don't check it out as often.

But it is not just their readership i crave. I want new people to read my blog. People i don't even know. I know that some blogs get a couple thousand hits a day, i would be happy with 20. I am hoping that my new blog name will create some buzz, but i already noticed that when i typed it into Google a lot of other sites came up, but i don't believe any were blogs. Sigh.

Oh yeah, a little comment on comments. The way this new blog thing is configured it asks you for a password when you got to comment. If you look just below that you can click anonymous and then you don't have to be a Blogspot member. It works just fine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Three of us urbanites in Ontario like the current name of your blog. Of course, urbanites in Ontario don't like change -- just look at the election results.

10:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's difficult to get comments. Sometimes I get a lot and other times none at all for weeks and weeks and weeks. The more you read and comment on other blogs the more they will read and comment on yours. I've linked you by the way.


1:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a name - I like what you have now - but , I too am from Ontario, and find it difficult to adapt to change. However, in the spirit of competition, what about 'Magic I'? This may attract the magic Mushroom crowd - but that's ok - if it is simply hollow numbers you are after rather than the considered, well read devotees you currently attract!!

In defence of 'Mothers' who stop reading blogs, many mothers (or at least some) are creatures of habit, and you either get in the habit - or not. "Some" mothers may have been 'in the habit' until you seemed to take a sabatical, or something - and no news was posted for a long time. Did you notice how many hits you were getting - with no updates? That may have been one loyal mother superior!!! (Now, back in the habit).

10:27 AM  
Blogger scarbie doll said...

Hey pally,

I also wonder about getting more hits on the blog. Mind you I don't even have the counter. How do you do that?

I think the secret to your blog getting more hits is some juicy honesty. People like dirt. You asked me once--how much truth is too much? That is something you must decide for yourself. But if you are offering a WindowsXP into your soul, you gotsta bare a little of your soul. For me, I print all the truth--period. For you, perhaps start with printing all the truth that you see fit. That's my three cents.

LORD! Even my comments are long!

6:09 AM  
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