Friday, May 21, 2004

You know it is the long weekend when... as you are packing to go the sky turns darker and darker and the forcast predicts a healthy amount of rain. Healthy for my garden that is, i am not sure how healthy it will be for us sitting in a cabin by the sea! Yes we are going up the coast to a lovely little cabin offered to us by a friend's mom.

There are alot of difference between BC and Ontario, but one of the main difference has to do with the long weekend. In Ontario everyone calls it May 2-4 weekend. Two four, as in a two four of beer. Even my near tea totalling mother calls it May 2-4. Of course, in BC there is no such thing as a two four of beer. It is a flat. Calling it Flat May weekend just doesn't work.

Also in Ontario it is always very important to have something planned for May24. It is, afterall, the beginning of the summer, cottage seaason etc. And it is finally warm enough to plant a garden. We've been basking in the sun for a month at least already. Also, in BC people don't seem to mind having to stay in the city for the long weekend. It helps that the city has beaches and mountains. But there isn't really a 'cottage country'. Besides, BCers call them cabins not cottages.

Anyways, happy May2-4!! Oh yeah, and by the way, its our 5th year anniversary. So celebrate that as well.


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