Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Well. the damn diss is really haunting me now, and let me tell you it does not feel so good. Sunday night i went out for dinner with one of my advisors and some of her other students. Nice pleasant evening and good food until - WHAMMO- 'How's the dissertation coming along?'. Now i know alot of you out there innocently ask me this all the time, but coming from someone in the academic world it is a much more painful question. So many of you don't even really understand what it is i do, so you asking is just common courtesy. But when another academic asks it is painful. Yeah, please can you just pour a little bit more acid in my open wound?

And as if that wasn't bad enough, then on Monday morning i was innocently having a coffee with some friends on a patio, when who walks by, but another one of my advisors! (note to self - never go to that coffee place again!) This one i hadn't seen in over a year. i swear to god that i am being haunted!

Finally finished massive tome by Neal Stephenson. Passed it onto the Brain. He should finish it sometime next year. Last night i finished reading LOST SOULS by Michael Collins. It was niminated for the Booker a couple of years ago. Usually that is a good recommendation for me, but i wasn't so foind of this book. It was ok, but it was nothing too spectacular. Just a fairly good read that really slows down about 2/3 through and then whallops you at then end with a good conclusion.


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