Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I have been gone for a while and i have no excuse. But by way of consolation, i heard on the CBC the other day that Paul Martin hasn't updated his blog since November. Doesn't he know that he is about to call an election? Is that really the type of guy we want running the country? A blog truant?

So gas prices keep souring and i have been giving it some thought, how much are people really doing to curtail their consumption? Or are they just happy to pay more at the pump? As a non driver in a carless household i haven't really been affected by the crunch. When i travel by car it tends to be in a large group, so i feel that at least our car is filled to capacity. But what about commuters? Are we at the point yet where it is more cost effective for them to take the bus than put out the cost for gas? These are the things i think about while i am working on my diss (ha ha).


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