Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Whew, working in the garden is hard work and don't let anyone tell you differently! My legs are all wobbly from kneeling down, my arms are feeling the pain and there is still a ton more work to do. This week while the Brain is home i am going to get him to drive me to a gardening supply store, so right now i am trying to figure out what i will need. My true gardening love is for veggies, but i think i may need some new flowers' plants for the front. Something low maintenace, maybe some heather.

So i have heard a rumour around the university that they are planning to make drastic changes to the library system. One option they are looking at is to go to a closed stacks system. This appalls me. For you non bibliofiles out there, this means that you won't be free to roam the isles of the stacks, instead you have to request the material you want. So it would be more like dreaded Indian libraries or the Toronto Ref Library. Personally, i like cruising the stacks, looking for nice new shiny books that i otherwise might not come across. Besides, often when i go to get a book there are other books in the same section that spark my interest or prove relevant to whatever i am researching. So i say blah to the new proposal.

Finally, i would like ot give a great big shout out to the twInnanens for coming a little bit early and taking their parents off guard. That will teach 'em, eh kiddies.


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