Monday, April 12, 2004

What a great weekend! The weather was unbelievable - beautiful, sunny and verging on hot. We made the most of the weather and spent every minute outside.

Saturday we went discing in Langley at a new course they have there. It was awesome but tough. Lots of really narrow fairways mixed with wide open ones over water and other hazzards. About half of the baskets can't be seen from the tee, which only makes it more exciting. I highly recommend it to any fun loving recreational discer. I say that because we met some real competitive types and they didn't like it. But they were anal.

Sunday i spent the day in the garden. Thank god the Brain was around. He should be renamed the Muscle. He did some awesome digging that would have killed me. Anyways all the beds are ready to go. So far i have only planted peas, radishes, beets and spinach. On Wednesday i am thinking about starting some peppers and eggplants inside.

Our friend, the Bearded One, got me onto a new brand of seeds, which i recommend to any west coast growers - West Coast Seeds. Everything they sell is geared to our climate, making it a little easier to know when to plant what.

Finally, last night we went to see Vancouver made The Delicate Art of Parking. Very funny, but not all audiences may appreciate the humour. Basically, it is a mockumentary about the Vancouver Parking Authority. Full of laughs and and great characters/ caricatures. I personally fell in love with the French Canadian tow truck driver.


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