Monday, April 26, 2004

Well, i am back from the other big city. And might i say as much fun as i had, it is great to be home. There is nothing like landing at YVR with a clear blue sky and snow capped mountains to make you appreiciate home - especially when TO was cold and rainy and quite frankly miserable and Van presented temperatures that were down right HOT!

My trip was a roaring success. I finally got to see the Lil' Grommet ex utero and he is the most beautiful baby ever. Far more beautiful than most of the babies you see on TV. I sound like i am bragging, but it is quite simply the truth.

Of course no trip these days is complete with a little disc golf (K2 - not 'frolf'!!). I initiated virgin players pvendy, the Pman, Voice of Reason, and the Lil' Grommet to the joys of chasing a disc around a park at the course at Centennial Park, which is actually a very good course. Fun was had by all in spite of pvendy's eerie attraction to the water and thanks to the Pman's heroic disc rescue. Leave it to an engineer to properly assess wind direction and the water current of the near stagnent pond before making any rash decisions about how to proceed with said rescue.

Now it is time to get down to bussiness and write this damn thesis!!


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