Friday, April 09, 2004

The weather here in paradise cannot be beat! All week long, unseasonably warm and not a cloud in the sky. Yesterday to take advantage of it the Brain and i went disc golfing in Burnaby at the Burnaby Park course. It was our first time at that course and we really enjoyed it. The one problem being that it is only nine holes - but they are nine good and scenic holes. After the first nine we went and got some sushi and had a little picnic before we got started on our second nine.

Last night we had the pleasure of meeting a new addition to this world - a little Aussie grommit. He is so absolutely beautiful and has quite a bit of character for being just two weeks old.

On reading notes, this week i read PEACE LIKE A RIVER by Leif Enger. It was for my book club and it is not a book i would have chosen on my own, and i didn't really like it. It wasn't bad by any means ,but something was lacking. It was the type of story that should have engaged me, lots of miracles and stuff, byt the writing left me a little cold i guess.

Now i am reading BLINDNESS by Jose Saramago. Beatifully written and very interesting story, especially considering that we are only year past SARS. It is about a mysterious blindness epidemic that spreads throughout an unnamed city in an unnamed country. The afflicted are quarentined in an old asylum that quickly becomes over crowded and ruled by less savory elements of this blind mini world. Lord of the Flies without sight? Perhaps, right now i am only half way through.

So Happy Easter to all you observers out there, and happy long weekend to the rest of you.


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