Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Things always happen in threes, or so they say. Let's put this theory to a test, shall we? In the past month three of my friends have had babies, and now it would appear that the trend has at least temporarily abated. No more bulging bellies on the horizon.

My second example hits much closer to home ... light bulbs. We have gone months, or dare i say years, without a burning out a light bulb. Well, when it rains it pours. In the last two weeks three bulbs have gone on us. First one was in the living room and i tried to ignore its dead state for as long as possible. Then Sunday night the fridge light went. As much as i tried to ignore this too, i was astounded to find that a light in the refridgerator is actually quite necessary. Then just now the light in my office went. Thank god it is still mid afternoon-ish and the lack of a proper light will not put a halt to my dissertating. But what can explain this preponderance of threes?


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