Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Sometimes it is good to step outside of your normal behaviour patterns and do something a little different. Two days ago i was visiting our local purveyour of books. Nothing unusual in that. I was there to buy DON QUIXOTE, on of the books on my 'Must Read Before You Die' list. But while i was there i was side tracked by CRYPTONOMICON by Neal Stephenson. Not my type of book, or generally not my type of book, but this time i was seduced enough by this hefty 1152 page tome to actually turn it over and see what it is about. Sounds pretty good - WWII adventure, code breakers, conspiracies, plus a number of people i consider to be intelligent with good taste have read it. So what the hell, i bought it and i like it. Generally i would have passed over this book thinking that it was science fiction, which it is not, or that it is too 'popular' whatever that means. But now i'm glad i took the time to look at it a little more closely. And i learned an important lesson - You can't tell a book by its cover.


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