Monday, April 19, 2004

Canucks go down in Flames!! Ouch. Hard fought victory for Calgary tonight, but it does kind of make you feel warm inside. They were the underdogs after all. Still i would have liked to see the Canucks go a little further just to show that you can do it without a big thug like Bertoozi.

Okay, and now back to our regularly scheduled program... yes i have clearly been watching too much hockey in my never ending efforts to procrastinate and avoid the Diss. Tomorrow i am off to Toronto and i have made the executive descision NOT to take my computer. I know i won't use it and it will just make me feel guilty while it sits there alone in the corner looking lonely.

As for reading, I am still on CRYPTONOMICON, but come on, it is over a thousand pages of really tiny print. My plan is too be done by the time i get back from TO on sunday. And that being said, i am out of here.


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