Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Things always happen in threes, or so they say. Let's put this theory to a test, shall we? In the past month three of my friends have had babies, and now it would appear that the trend has at least temporarily abated. No more bulging bellies on the horizon.

My second example hits much closer to home ... light bulbs. We have gone months, or dare i say years, without a burning out a light bulb. Well, when it rains it pours. In the last two weeks three bulbs have gone on us. First one was in the living room and i tried to ignore its dead state for as long as possible. Then Sunday night the fridge light went. As much as i tried to ignore this too, i was astounded to find that a light in the refridgerator is actually quite necessary. Then just now the light in my office went. Thank god it is still mid afternoon-ish and the lack of a proper light will not put a halt to my dissertating. But what can explain this preponderance of threes?

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

POOMBA, WELCOME TO THE WORLD!!! Sometime between last night when i was eating dinner and today before i woke up big, bad Dr. Red gave birth to a little boy. Clearly, Poomba is not his real name, but i don't release the names of the semi famous over the internet. Both Mama and son are doing fine. I have not heard how Papa is doing, but we will asssume he is fine too. Congratulations!!

Monday, April 26, 2004

Well, i am back from the other big city. And might i say as much fun as i had, it is great to be home. There is nothing like landing at YVR with a clear blue sky and snow capped mountains to make you appreiciate home - especially when TO was cold and rainy and quite frankly miserable and Van presented temperatures that were down right HOT!

My trip was a roaring success. I finally got to see the Lil' Grommet ex utero and he is the most beautiful baby ever. Far more beautiful than most of the babies you see on TV. I sound like i am bragging, but it is quite simply the truth.

Of course no trip these days is complete with a little disc golf (K2 - not 'frolf'!!). I initiated virgin players pvendy, the Pman, Voice of Reason, and the Lil' Grommet to the joys of chasing a disc around a park at the course at Centennial Park, which is actually a very good course. Fun was had by all in spite of pvendy's eerie attraction to the water and thanks to the Pman's heroic disc rescue. Leave it to an engineer to properly assess wind direction and the water current of the near stagnent pond before making any rash decisions about how to proceed with said rescue.

Now it is time to get down to bussiness and write this damn thesis!!

Monday, April 19, 2004

Canucks go down in Flames!! Ouch. Hard fought victory for Calgary tonight, but it does kind of make you feel warm inside. They were the underdogs after all. Still i would have liked to see the Canucks go a little further just to show that you can do it without a big thug like Bertoozi.

Okay, and now back to our regularly scheduled program... yes i have clearly been watching too much hockey in my never ending efforts to procrastinate and avoid the Diss. Tomorrow i am off to Toronto and i have made the executive descision NOT to take my computer. I know i won't use it and it will just make me feel guilty while it sits there alone in the corner looking lonely.

As for reading, I am still on CRYPTONOMICON, but come on, it is over a thousand pages of really tiny print. My plan is too be done by the time i get back from TO on sunday. And that being said, i am out of here.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Sometimes it is good to step outside of your normal behaviour patterns and do something a little different. Two days ago i was visiting our local purveyour of books. Nothing unusual in that. I was there to buy DON QUIXOTE, on of the books on my 'Must Read Before You Die' list. But while i was there i was side tracked by CRYPTONOMICON by Neal Stephenson. Not my type of book, or generally not my type of book, but this time i was seduced enough by this hefty 1152 page tome to actually turn it over and see what it is about. Sounds pretty good - WWII adventure, code breakers, conspiracies, plus a number of people i consider to be intelligent with good taste have read it. So what the hell, i bought it and i like it. Generally i would have passed over this book thinking that it was science fiction, which it is not, or that it is too 'popular' whatever that means. But now i'm glad i took the time to look at it a little more closely. And i learned an important lesson - You can't tell a book by its cover.

Monday, April 12, 2004

What a great weekend! The weather was unbelievable - beautiful, sunny and verging on hot. We made the most of the weather and spent every minute outside.

Saturday we went discing in Langley at a new course they have there. It was awesome but tough. Lots of really narrow fairways mixed with wide open ones over water and other hazzards. About half of the baskets can't be seen from the tee, which only makes it more exciting. I highly recommend it to any fun loving recreational discer. I say that because we met some real competitive types and they didn't like it. But they were anal.

Sunday i spent the day in the garden. Thank god the Brain was around. He should be renamed the Muscle. He did some awesome digging that would have killed me. Anyways all the beds are ready to go. So far i have only planted peas, radishes, beets and spinach. On Wednesday i am thinking about starting some peppers and eggplants inside.

Our friend, the Bearded One, got me onto a new brand of seeds, which i recommend to any west coast growers - West Coast Seeds. Everything they sell is geared to our climate, making it a little easier to know when to plant what.

Finally, last night we went to see Vancouver made The Delicate Art of Parking. Very funny, but not all audiences may appreciate the humour. Basically, it is a mockumentary about the Vancouver Parking Authority. Full of laughs and and great characters/ caricatures. I personally fell in love with the French Canadian tow truck driver.

Friday, April 09, 2004

The weather here in paradise cannot be beat! All week long, unseasonably warm and not a cloud in the sky. Yesterday to take advantage of it the Brain and i went disc golfing in Burnaby at the Burnaby Park course. It was our first time at that course and we really enjoyed it. The one problem being that it is only nine holes - but they are nine good and scenic holes. After the first nine we went and got some sushi and had a little picnic before we got started on our second nine.

Last night we had the pleasure of meeting a new addition to this world - a little Aussie grommit. He is so absolutely beautiful and has quite a bit of character for being just two weeks old.

On reading notes, this week i read PEACE LIKE A RIVER by Leif Enger. It was for my book club and it is not a book i would have chosen on my own, and i didn't really like it. It wasn't bad by any means ,but something was lacking. It was the type of story that should have engaged me, lots of miracles and stuff, byt the writing left me a little cold i guess.

Now i am reading BLINDNESS by Jose Saramago. Beatifully written and very interesting story, especially considering that we are only year past SARS. It is about a mysterious blindness epidemic that spreads throughout an unnamed city in an unnamed country. The afflicted are quarentined in an old asylum that quickly becomes over crowded and ruled by less savory elements of this blind mini world. Lord of the Flies without sight? Perhaps, right now i am only half way through.

So Happy Easter to all you observers out there, and happy long weekend to the rest of you.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Whew, working in the garden is hard work and don't let anyone tell you differently! My legs are all wobbly from kneeling down, my arms are feeling the pain and there is still a ton more work to do. This week while the Brain is home i am going to get him to drive me to a gardening supply store, so right now i am trying to figure out what i will need. My true gardening love is for veggies, but i think i may need some new flowers' plants for the front. Something low maintenace, maybe some heather.

So i have heard a rumour around the university that they are planning to make drastic changes to the library system. One option they are looking at is to go to a closed stacks system. This appalls me. For you non bibliofiles out there, this means that you won't be free to roam the isles of the stacks, instead you have to request the material you want. So it would be more like dreaded Indian libraries or the Toronto Ref Library. Personally, i like cruising the stacks, looking for nice new shiny books that i otherwise might not come across. Besides, often when i go to get a book there are other books in the same section that spark my interest or prove relevant to whatever i am researching. So i say blah to the new proposal.

Finally, i would like ot give a great big shout out to the twInnanens for coming a little bit early and taking their parents off guard. That will teach 'em, eh kiddies.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Sorry about the delay in correspondence. I went down to Seats this weekend for a conference on Indian cinema. Yes it is true, there is scholarly discourse on the spicy mix of love, sorrow, marriage and redemption of Bollywood's best. Don't even get me started on the dancing!

I recently read PATTERN RECOGNITION by William Gibson. Now i am not normally a Gibson reader. I am not a fan of sci-fi, but the Brain told me i had to read this book and it was great. Now for all you NEUROMANCER and IDORU fans out there, i must warn you that this novel goes in a bit aof a different vein. It is set, roughly speaking, in the present and involves the serch for the creator of some web distributed film clips. More than a gripping adventure, it is an insightful commentary of the perils and pleasures of living in the internet age.