Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Back By Popular Demand!

Ok, so at long last i am back. The peer pressure got to me. So thank you to all my faithful readers ... Dr. Red, VOR, Kitabwalla, the Flash, Silvergirl, the list goes on...

Here is what happend. Something went incredibly wrong with our internet connection. We were set adrift in an e-free zone. Lost i tell you, lost! And then about 6 weeks ago everything was fine again, but i had gotten lazy. That's Otis's influence. Following his lead we both try to get in our requisite 18 hours of sleep a day. At this rate i should definately be reborn as a cat.

So you are probably wondering what i have been up to. Well, i am not going to bother telling you. Too banal. And speaking of banal, my latest interest is Bob Ross. Who is Bob Ross you may ask? Well, he is also known as the Happy Painter, a name you may recognize. In spite of the fact that he died in 1995 (moment of silence please), he is still hot stuff all over the world. What's that? I hear him whispering in my ear right now, oh yes words of wisdom, "
there are no such things as mistakes, just happy little accidents". Ah words to live by.