Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Well, now is as good a time as any to update all you faithful blog readers who keep saying "January 4th! You haven't written anything since January 4th!".

It looks like I may finally be going to India on Thursday. I say 'may' because with flying stand by you never really know. Right now i am in the throws of deciding how much money to take with me. Yes, Banaras does have a bank machine (notice i used the singular), but i don't want to be completely reliant on it because you just never know what could go wrong. I could just see my mom having a fit because i am in India with no money! I know how many ruppes i am going to take with me in cash, it's the traveller's cheques that are giving me a moment of pause. Hmm.

I've got alot to do between now and thursday, especially seeing as i leave at 6:30 AM. To make matters worse, our manager is installing an intercom system this week, mostly through our hall wall, so it is a little bit more chaotic around here than usual. And the cat is freaking out! Poor Otis.


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