Sunday, January 04, 2004

Okay, my holidays are officially over, so i should be blogging on a more regular basis. With the Brain home for the last few eeks i have been too busy to blog!

OTIS UPDATE Now that we have had Otis, our new cat, for a little over a month, i feel that i am in a good position to comment on his temperment etc. In general he is a loving and affectionate cat, though a little odd at times. I had deduced that this is because he entirely lacks a sixth sense. Aren't all cats supposed to have a secret sixth sense that helps them stalk prey in the wild? Well, otis does not and i am not entirely sure about how well his traditional five senses are functioning. We can safely assume by his reaction to petting (loves it) that his sense of touch is ok, perhaps even outstanding. Taste, well i've smelled his cat food and i wouldn't eat the stuff... Which brings me to his sense of smell. A) i have already mentioned the smell of his cat food; B)when he sniffs things he sort of drags his nose along them. All of this points to a weak sense of smell. I can't test his hearing, as cats are known to willfully ignore owners when it is most important. And his sight... he seems to get easily distracted but that may be because he is a dreamer, rather than any defect on his part. Anyways he is a little skittish at times, more so if he has been into the catnip. But i love him, quirks and all.


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