Monday, December 08, 2003

Crisis Confirmed

It all started when Big Bad Dr. Red and pvendi were out visiting. We were at the mall, a notoruiosly dry environment, when i noticed that my lips were not feeling as pert as they should. I reached into my pocket for my faithful Chapstick, but it was not there. Oh well, we are in a mall after all, i will just pop into the closest drug store and buy a new one.

Easier said than done. At the Shopper's Drug Mart i could not find Chapstick, so i asked about it and to my dismay, the friendly Shopper's employee told me that they no longer carry Chapstick. I found this difficult to believe, but in the presence of my friends from afar i decided to just choose another ( and no doubt inferior) brand of lip balm.

I was in the presence of die hard Blistex fans, so i ended up with Blistex Silk and Shine. Now i must admit that the Silk'n'Shine gives my lips a sheen that is really quite sophisticated, but it also tastes really good so i spend my time licking it off, thus making me lips even drier!

Since this crisis i have visited a number of other Shopper's Drug Marts, and they don't have Chapstick either. I don't understand this and will investigate further. The company still makes Chapstick, so why would a store stop carrying it? it is not only a staple to many people, it is an addiction. You must check out this site for Lip Balm Anonymous.

I did the self test to see if i too was an addict, but i don't think i am. While Lip Balm use has never really interferred with my job, it did make me reflect on why i don't have a job. I remember once, years ago, my brother Mr. Blackberry told me thaqt lip balm was addictive, but i dismissed him. Was he trying to help me? I DO use alone sometimes. And i can't sleep unless my lips are properly coated. The last time i went to India i took 6 Chapsticks with me, because it is not available there.

But back to the Chap Stick crisis. Before today i had half a regular and half a Cherry chapstick, as well as one UV Chapstick. Thanks to Big Bad Dr. Red i now have four brand new regular ChapSticks. I guess living in an Ontario backwater does has its advantages - her drug store still carries Chap Stick. And is it any coincedence that Chap Stick is most readily available at DRUG stores?


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