Saturday, December 27, 2003

The Christmas season has been a little busy, so i have been neglecting the blog. My apologies. It looks like you all have been busy too, since my readership stats have also plummetted.

Yesterday the Brain and i participated in the First Annual Birthday Invitational Disc Golfing Tournament. Good round. The Brain's game has really matured since he turned thirty. My long game was a little on the short side. I was, however, particularly proficient at getting my disc stuck in akward locations - in a tree, on top of a shed..... but in the end no discs were lost so all was good. I was using my Spider disc for the first time. Goes really quite straight. The Brain was using the tried and true orange found disc from Pender.

Hope your holiday season was seasonal.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

So far life with the cat is going pretty well, so we have decided to put him to the test. On Boxing Day we are going to have a little shindig. Otis will either be a cowering fool or love every minute of it. So this is your invitation - if you are out there and reading this and are going to be around on the 26th, feel free to drop by between 4 and 7 or later. The Brain is taking next week off work and plans to bake, so as long as we don't eat everything before Boxing day there should be some good stuff to munch on. I will also attempt to make mulled wine again, hopefully with more success, but i don't guarentee anything, and seeing as it is the season i think we will also have some nog. I will try to get real email invites out in the next couple of days, but who knows when it will happen.

Enjoy the season and the time off work!!

Monday, December 15, 2003

The joy that food brings me is not natural, though it does explain my waistline. Last night the Brain and i went out for Indian food. Heavenly. Nothing to crazy, just some pakoras, naan, rice, saag paneer and eggplant. The pakoras are key. They fill you up so that you have more leftovers to take home. And the leftovers are always better than the original. Having one more day for the flovours to marry and intesify make it unbelievable. The good news is, i have even more left over for tomorrow night!

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Silvergrrl and Cat Litter

A GREAT BIG SHOUT OUT TO YOU!!! I think you are my most loyal commentator! Lost of great cat related advice.

One brand of cat litter that someone else told me about is Yesterday's News. It is little pellets made out of yesterday's newspapers(duh!). I think she gets it at Pet Valu. It has the advantage of being enviro friendly and it doesn't track. Right now i am using Petcetera's Clumping Cat litter. I like it because it clumps and because you can buy it in bulk. I also think i niavely fooled myself into believing that it is enviro friendly because it is clay based. Clay is natural right? But Otis does seem to track alot.

This may be a silly question, but how do you clean a litter box if you don't use clumping litter? Also are cats picky about their litter? If i go changing will Otis rebel? I like the idea of a flushable litter since we keep his toilet in the same room as ours. Let's not even talk about the congestion this coauses in the morning while we are getting ready for the day!
Last night i finished reading MME PROUST AND THE KOSHER KITCHEN by Kate Taylor. It was absolutely fascinating. Without giving it away i can say that it contains three intertwined stories. The first is the proported journal of Marcel Proust's mother in which you get a glimpse into the high society life of Proust and his cronnies. The second thread revolves around a young jewish girl whose parents had the foresight to send her to Canada before the German invasion of Paris (where they lived) in WWII. The third thread is about the french Canadian woman translating Mme Proust's journals. That may not be the most gripping description ever, but still i do recommend it very highly. It just came out in paperback and would make a wonderful Christmas present.

Monday, December 08, 2003

Crisis Confirmed

It all started when Big Bad Dr. Red and pvendi were out visiting. We were at the mall, a notoruiosly dry environment, when i noticed that my lips were not feeling as pert as they should. I reached into my pocket for my faithful Chapstick, but it was not there. Oh well, we are in a mall after all, i will just pop into the closest drug store and buy a new one.

Easier said than done. At the Shopper's Drug Mart i could not find Chapstick, so i asked about it and to my dismay, the friendly Shopper's employee told me that they no longer carry Chapstick. I found this difficult to believe, but in the presence of my friends from afar i decided to just choose another ( and no doubt inferior) brand of lip balm.

I was in the presence of die hard Blistex fans, so i ended up with Blistex Silk and Shine. Now i must admit that the Silk'n'Shine gives my lips a sheen that is really quite sophisticated, but it also tastes really good so i spend my time licking it off, thus making me lips even drier!

Since this crisis i have visited a number of other Shopper's Drug Marts, and they don't have Chapstick either. I don't understand this and will investigate further. The company still makes Chapstick, so why would a store stop carrying it? it is not only a staple to many people, it is an addiction. You must check out this site for Lip Balm Anonymous.

I did the self test to see if i too was an addict, but i don't think i am. While Lip Balm use has never really interferred with my job, it did make me reflect on why i don't have a job. I remember once, years ago, my brother Mr. Blackberry told me thaqt lip balm was addictive, but i dismissed him. Was he trying to help me? I DO use alone sometimes. And i can't sleep unless my lips are properly coated. The last time i went to India i took 6 Chapsticks with me, because it is not available there.

But back to the Chap Stick crisis. Before today i had half a regular and half a Cherry chapstick, as well as one UV Chapstick. Thanks to Big Bad Dr. Red i now have four brand new regular ChapSticks. I guess living in an Ontario backwater does has its advantages - her drug store still carries Chap Stick. And is it any coincedence that Chap Stick is most readily available at DRUG stores?