Tuesday, November 04, 2003

say anything...

I was just talk ing to the Voice of Reason, telling her about all the movies i have seen lately, when she asked the freaded question - so how's the writing coming along? And just because she said that i will not tell y ou about all the movies i have been seeing - just the highlights.

On the weekend i was moved by the spirit of the 80's and decided to rent TRUE COLORS (1991)(colours spelt the american way!), starring John Cussack and James Spader. I think this is the only movie in James Spader's career where he did not play a complete ass! In fact, his character was even admirable. The flip side of course was that John Cussack played a real jerk, ready to sell over his friend in an instant just to get ahead. The story was actually pretty good, but i like high powered Washington stories. But what was even better was the hairstyles sported by the female lead. God, hairspray sales must have peaked in the 80's!

On a more distressing note, i also heard this weekend that in real life John Cussak is dating Brittney Spears. Hard to believe, i know, but i heard it from reliable sources such as Entertainment Tonight and Entertainment Extra, so you know it has got to be true. What has happened to poor sweet Lloyd from SAY ANYTHING. If i knew how to get music to play on my blog i would have "in Your Eyes" start up now.


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