Wednesday, November 19, 2003

I am the Walrus

Oooh, i have been falling behind again. Let's see... what is new and interesting? Well, Big Bad Dr. Red and her cohort in crime are coming out to visit tomorrow. Very excited. But it does pose a bit of a reading dilema. I just finished OUR LADY OF THE FOREST by David Guterson, which was quite good, though not as stunning as SNOW FALLING ON CEDARS by him, and am now left with nothing to read. Should i push on and read FINGERSMITH by Sarah Waters for my bookclub meeting on December 6? Or should i hold out until tomorrow and go to the library and take something out? You see i don't want to finish fINGERSMITH too quickly, because then i will forget what it is about before we meet, and yet i do realize that having house guests this weekend will slow down my normal book intake. What to do? With problems like these it is no wonder that i can't seem to finish my PhD!

I also have some new recommended reading for all Canadaians out there. Actually the Brain was the one that put me on to it, so he deserves full credit. It is a new canadian magazine called THE WALRUS. Yes, go to the link and check it out. It is very well written, in depth reportage on issues that concern us as Canadians and world citizens. Go out and buy a copy. The second issue is on newstands now, though their website still has last months issue.


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