Monday, November 10, 2003

Great big shout out to all my homies in ED! Yesterday was a day dedicated to you. Since it was so nice and sunny and not too cold (no snow to contend with here), the Brain and i did a little discing. We hit (with an audiable gong) the Quilchena course in Vancouver. I was our first time there and i think it was a pretty good course. Some longer holes. Some tricky stuff involving trees. Only problem was we never found the tee off for hole #4, so we just made it up as we went along.

The one thing we have to think through more thuroughly is our disc colour choice. My disc was given t me by the Flash and he will probably accuse me of being un grateful, but in the fall red, orange and yellow discs are not recommended. They blend in too much with the leaves and are sort of hard to find. Perhaps blue would be a good colour.

Also, the Shroom in Ed sent a book out to me with the Brain - BLANKETS by Craig Thompson . It is a truly great graphic novel. Iread the whole thing in one sitting - couldn't put it down. The Brain likes the artwork, which is pretty cool, but i liked the story. Thumbs up for sure. Thanks for the read Shroomy!


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