Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Date Night

Seeing as tomorrow is a holiday - Rememberance Day - the Brain and i decided to go out for sushi and then catch a double feature at one of our esteemed local repetory theatres.

First up was American Splendor. This movies is about Harvey Pekar, your typical average Joe, who becomes a mildly famous comic book writer. His comic is American Slendor. First, the way the movie was made, incorporating comic book stylings with movie reality and actual reality was brilliant. Switching back and forth, you get my drift. And then, for me the other thing that was interesting is that American Splendor the comic book is not about aliens or super heroes, but just regular people. I never really took 'comic books as an art form' seriously until my reccent discovery of other kinds of comic books and comic novels due to the influence of people like the Flash. And while my level of appreciation doesn't even come close to his, at least now i can sort of see what he sees in all of it.

So of course now i've seen the movie and i want to read the book, so to speak. And i bet everyone else does too. Are AMERICAN SPLENDOR comics now the new hot thing, twenty five years after they were first released? A quick look at Amazon says yes. So am i a sell out if i go out and buy Pekar's work now? Just another trend follower... Sort of like the way all teenage girls were buying Ghost World the comic after Ghost World the movie came out. (FYI - i don't know if that is actually true, but one can wager a guess...)

The second movie we saw was Swimming Pool. This is sort of a drama cum mystery. I must admit, it took me along time to get into it. Not much dialogue and ample character set up and development at the beginning. In this day and age of MTV, everything coming at you in 20 second bites, extensive character development is
not quite what we are used to. But once it gets going it is quuite an interesting story. I was particularly drawn to it because it is about a writer and i like to see how their minds operate.

Whew, that's long enough for tonight. Now get back to work!


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