Monday, November 24, 2003

Bon Voyage and Felis Navida

The cheekas, Big Bad Dr Red and p-vendi left not-so-sunny Vancouver today. Weekend was a blast, unless you talk to Voice of Reason, and then you say it was really boring. Mostly we just sat around in our pyjamas and talked, but on Friday afternoon we found some engergy lurking under the couch and got up and went to a movie. LOVE, ACTUALLY was lovely. Everything you want in a feel good Christmas classic. Sigh.

We also held a Congress on Realitry TV. The Brain made an appearance as a guest speaker at the Survivor session. We tackled pressing issues like was Lil really drunk on the boat? or was she really, really drunk? Why did Rupert decide not to wear underwear on the reward challenge? Does Christa have serious sinus problems?


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