Tuesday, October 07, 2003

movie madness must end

Well, i think i am now officially out of the Film Fest mode even though it doesn't end until Friday. I have put my life on hold long enough and i need to get back to reality. It means that i am going to miss some films that i wanted to see, but i don't think i can do it anymore. There is a certain look that regular festival goers get after a while. I think the Brain has it. This dazed, slightly over stimulated, crazed look and their film fest guide is never out of sight. Somedays the Brain actually goes to four or five movies. He's become accusatory because i usually only go to two movies a day. "I thought you liked movies. I thought you were hard core, but you don't like movies at all, do you?"

So i ended up seeing about 16 movies and i really liked all of them but 3, so that is pretty good. I still might go to one or two more, but just as a casual sort of thing. Hey it's Wednesday night and i have nothing to do, why not see a movie? Who knows.


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