Wednesday, October 01, 2003

i'll say a little prayer for you

This one's going' out to mom and dad.

I was listening to the CBC tonight when an interesting story came across the airwaves. It was about the 'Industrial Christian Fellowship", a Christian organization in England that encourages "individuals to deepen their understanding of God's purpose in the world of work". Now i know that i don't often wax religious, so bear with me for one moment, their ideas are interesting, if not a little unusual. This organization seems to think (and they are probably right) that professionals such as accountants, stock brokers and bankers tend to get overlooked in our daily prayers; where as teachers, doctors and nurses - those in 'caring' positions- are often found in people's prayers.

ICF executive member John Raymond says "There is a feeling that these professions are too worldly -- almost not good enough -- for prayers... But I think that is exactly the opposite of how Jesus would see it... When did you last pray for your stockbroker?" Good question, but i am not one to pray to often to begin with.

So here is a little prayer they suggest you say for all those professions who are normally overlooked in your bedside ritual.

God, we ask your blessing on our economic world:
Bless those in governments and banks, especially those in poorer countries.

Give them an understanding of economic forces and the mechanics of wealth creation; that they may produce laws and regulations which give freedom for people to create wealth.

Bless entrepreneurs, those in business, investors and those responsible for pension funds, that they may play a part, Lord, in creating and using processes and structures which release and channel people's creativity, in ways which enhance human dignity, serve the common good and benefit in particular the poor, vulnerable and marginalised.

To your glory, Lord. Amen.


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